In my overview post I showed a key/value structure in Consul that could be used to store metadata on each Node.

Now I’ll discusses how to put node metadata into the Consul key-store. For this example we have two web servers in the san datacenter (web1.web.san and web2.web.san) following the node naming hostid.hostgroup.datacenter.

Here is the key/value hierarchy we’ll create.

As I mentioned in my overview post there are several ways to create this structure. I go over a few ways below. Always test before running in production and ensure you have solid error handling.



CONSUL PYTHON CLIENT (iterate over list from central server)

CONSUL PYTHON CLIENT (parse hostgroup)

CONSUL PYTHON CLIENT (runs on each node)

The full key path is created and the value is written.

In part 2 I go over a simple Consul-Template structure to create a hosts.cfg file for Nagios.

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