I’m Kawika Ohumukini. I’ve been programming for over 30 years and my favorite languages are Python and Golang. I worked at small companies like Alldomains.com, medium size companies like Spectragraphics and The Control Group and large companies like Qualcomm and Akamai. In 2001 I wrote a CMS that grew into a small tech company providing template websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs. I managed that business for six years, and I had to work all sides of it, including keeping several servers running 24/7. That experience with Systems Design and Administration carried through to today in my role as Manager of Site Reliability Engineer at The Control Group.

My view of DevOps is that it is a Culture. I don’t believe it is a thing, a title, or a department. I don’t “do” DevOps. I believe it is a set of principles fully supported by everyone in the organization. To me, a DevOps Culture is grown from within the organization. It has to have 100% buy-in by everyone and can take months or years to fully adopt.

The goal of this blog is to discuss these principles, practices and some of the technologies that can help a DevOps Culture thrive at a company. I hope you enjoy my posts and feel free to comment or hit me up for a chat about how we can all deliver, measure and grow our organizations, systems, and skills.

Kawika Ohumukini